No sound?

  • The sounds and music in Cosmo come from the iPad app, not from the devices!
  • Start the Improvisation activity and press some your devices. Can you hear the music notes?
  • Is the volume on your iPad turned up?
  • Is your external speaker switched on?
  • Does your iOS need an update? See how to check it here:

App not recognising your cosmoids?

  • Make sure your iPad’s bluetooth is switched on.
  • Make sure your cosmoids are switched on.
  • Have you pressed “Remember units” in the advanced settings? If so, press “Forget units”.
  • Quit the app and turn off the Cosmoids. Then restart everything.
  • When a new firmware is released, and you have updated only some of your devices, the ipad sometimes not see devices that have old firmware. Solution: turn off all working devices and keep on the device that is not connecting. Restart the app, connect to the device that still turned on with old firmware, update their firmware.

Flickering cosmoid?

I have turned on my Cosmoids and they produce a flickering light.

  • Just leave them on a flat surface for a few seconds. They will auto calibrate and the problem will stop.

My cosmoids seem to be working strangely.

After the last update the activities are not working as expected?

  • Please update your firmware according to these instructions.

A device doesn’t turn on

When a device cannot be turned on please try the following:
  • Make sure that no other iOS device is connected to the Cosmo device. Turn off bluetooth momentarily on all your iOS devices and only enable it for the one that you want to work with.
  • Go to “Advanced settings” . If this is the only device that is turned on, the first circle should be of blue colour.
  • Press the “Update all firmware” button. The Cosmo device will start updating its firmware and when the process finishes it should be usable again.