What we do

We’re building a system that uses interaction design and technology to unlock the potential of young learners and people with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities.

How we work

We innovate, experiment, and move at a fast pace. We’re a customer-focused company with a growth mindset, and we’re always looking for ways to improve our product and practice.

How we collaborate

We employ various methodologies and work with professionals from several fields, including service design, user experience, engineering, academia, school and therapy practitioners.

Our team

CEO and sales

Business Development and Operations

Project Management

Senior iOS developer

Our collaborators

Join us!

Miltos Bottis
Graphic Design

George Chountas
Mechanical Engineer

Dimitris Fotopoulos
Electronics Engineer

Katerina Giannadou
Research & Curriculum development

Lila Kossyvaki
Research & activity development

Zoe Peden
Business development and Sales advisor

Estefania Trisotti
Service Design, UX/UI

Rene de Vries
Business development advisor