Inclusive Play: here and now

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Inclusive Play: here and now Source: Pixabay. Free for commercial use. A word on inclusion It’s hard to argue with a statement that diversity makes the world more exciting and interesting. We learn by thriving on each others' experiences and ideas, starting at a very early age. Through inclusive play, we develop acceptance and learn to respect and appreciate different ideas. By enabling inclusive play, we make sure that various opportunities are available to children of different strengths and abilities.   "We need to give each other the space to grow, to be ourselves, to exercise our diversity. [...]

Anything is Possible. Naidex 2021

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Anything is Possible. Naidex 2021 About Naidex Filisia's highlights from Naidex 2021 What inspired us at Naidex Let's talk About Naidex Naidex is one of the world’s most established events gathering professionals and organisations that support independent living and display various state-of-the-art solutions to improve mobility, accessibility and cognitive training. The exhibitors present the latest innovations in technology and plans for digital and physical accessibility. This year, we had the pleasure to make a debut at Naidex accompanied by new members of our London team. We loved every minute of it!     Naidex is not only a showcase of [...]

Sensory circuits: Alerting station

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Alerting station with Cosmo Source: Pixabay In this article, we concentrate on using Cosmo to complement the alerting station. This station is the first of the three stations within the sensory circuit. It helps the learner prepare for learning through exercises aiming to increase the awareness of the body. Alerting station provides vestibular (sense of balance) and proprioceptive (body awareness) stimulation within a controlled environment. Want to learn more about sensory circuits? Check out this article. To complement this station, use the physical exercise activities available in the Cosmo Training App to practice balance and body awareness. [...]

How to enrich sensory circuits with Cosmo?

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How to enrich sensory circuits with Cosmo?   Source: Pixabay. Free for commercial use.   How we process information We are all different in the way we process information received from the environment. The way we perceive sound, smell, taste and touch can affect how we feel and think. For autistic people, sensory processing is more difficult as each sense can be over-or under-sensitive. This can cause differences in the way they learn and play. Sensory regulation One way to help children with sensory regulation and concentration on the day’s activities is through sensory circuits. Short sensory circuits [...]

Moos te Velthuis on music therapy with Cosmo

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Moos te Velthuis on his musical passion and music therapy with Cosmo. Source: Max Hoogesteger.   My name is Moos te Velthuis, I am 21 years old and I come from Goor, a small town in the east of the Netherlands. I play the bass guitar and have been in bands since I was little. I have also been producing music in Logic Pro X for 3 years. I am currently in year one of the bachelor’s of music therapy at ArtEZ Enschede.   I’ve been making music all my life, but I never knew very well in [...]

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