The firmware update is a critical process that if not performed correctly, can damage your Cosmoids. Please follow the instructions carefully. If in doubt, contact

(1) Turn off all of your Cosmoids. To do that press the blue button at the bottom of each device for 2 seconds.

(2) Turn only one Cosmoid on, by pressing its blue button.

(3) Turn off your WiFi

(4) Disconnect all Bluetooth devices that might be connected to your iPad

(5) Place the Cosmoid device next to your iPad

(6) Ensure that there is only one coloured circle below (blue). All other circles should be grey. If You see more coloured circles, it means that you have more than one devices on. Please press “Start Over” below.

(7) If there is only one, blue coloured circle, press “Firmware Update”. The process has two parts and can take up to three minutes. Do not turn off your Cosmoid or quit your app during this process as it will damage your devices.