How to use your Cosmo device as an accessibility switch

The cosmoid can be used both to control the cosmo app, but also as a customizable wireless accessibility controller. The steps to use it as a controller are:

How to connect your cosmo switch to your phone/tablet/computer

Start your cosmoid: it might light up in white which means it is in Cosmo mode and you will need to change it.

To do that, press the button at the bottom of the device for 6 seconds.

It will start flashing in different colours, or blue, to let you know that it’s waiting to be paired with a Bluetooth device such as a laptop, phone or tablet.

Now, it is time for pairing: Go to your iPad’s Bluetooth settings, select Cosmo HID from the list of available devices and tap ‘pair

The button’s colour is now stabilized, meaning it is paired and ready to be used. You can use your switch with educational activities, with AAC (Alternative and Augmentative Communication apps) and you can also use it to play games and more!

How to change the colour or character/key of your switch

With the current settings, the switch lights up blue and every time you press it, it sends a spacebar character to my iPad. In some cases, you might want a different colour on your switch or send a different character to your computer. The following table lists the colours and corresponding characters that Cosmo supports: