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Cosmo Pro

Monthly Subscription

Cosmo Pro is an evidence-based and award-winning interactive learning, play and therapy system. It is made up of two parts: (a) a set of six smart, wireless, dynamic and visually appealing buttons called “Cosmoids” and (b) an iPad app featuring 20 highly-motivating and intuitive activities designed by teachers and occupational, physical and speech & language therapists.

Cosmo Pro monthly subscription Includes:

• Six Cosmoid switches
• 20 Cosmo iPad activities and more as they launch
• Lesson plans
• Charger, charging cables and adaptors
• Attachment magnets
• Unlimited warranty inc free replacement devices
• Full training for staff including refreshers and new starters
• Free shipping
• Low monthly payment with no minimum term
• Terms and conditions apply
Available for a limited number of schools in the UK only
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