Creative learning for people with Special Education Needs and Disabilities.

Award-winning and evidence-based.

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Cosmo is an award-winning system that changes how early years learners and young people with SEND train their physical, cognitive and communication skills.

• Smart, dynamic buttons
• Specialist designed iPad activities
• Curriculum-based lesson plans
• Data-driven gameplay for home or the whole classroom
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How it works

Cosmo has 18+ activities designed by teachers and occupational, physical and speech & language therapists.
• Use Cosmo to train: Turn-taking, Sequencing, Joint attention, Storytelling, Coordination and Leadership skills, as well as Acoustic Reactivity, Cause & Effect, Vocalisation and more.
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What teachers say

“Cosmo is fantastic! The main thing is that students are really excited to participate. It is really helping them to do turn taking, to work together, giving directions and they are having to move a lot more”

Meighan Curran, SEN Teacher, Cricket Green School, London

“Cosmo provides an innovative resource that is simple to use, yet has layers of complexity. It has a wide range of uses, is well designed and has a strong element of fun.”

BETT awards committee

“Cosmo is simple, versatile and can be used for sensorimotor, motor, cognitive, learning, creative and communication training. It can be used individually and in groups of two or more. My student is very happy, engaged for long time and explored it without further complications or problems.”

Stavros Psaroudakis, Psychologist, Special Educator

“It is a fabulous resource to have them (students) maintain their attention for a longer period of time. They love the music, the lights, the sounds. And they love the sensory approach of the activities.”

Lisa Cull, SEN Teacher, Treloar School, Alton

“This is going to have a huge impact for our school. Cosmo can support personalised learning targets, for example if that pupil needed to navigate through the building, or join in with a group activity.”

Ed Pitcher, Head of Technology, Swiss Cottage School, Development and Research Centre

“It was really special to see my son get the system almost immediately, because usually he isn’t very willing to try something new. The main thing was that when he played with Cosmo, he was so alert, he explored and used the hand that he never uses. He showed me he can do things that I didn’t know he could.”

Marit van Tol, Parent, Netherlands

Cosmo Activities
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Multi-Awarded and Impact Focused

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Every learner is different. That’s why we designed Cosmo to be hands-on, customisable and versatile. It has activities for everyone, and above all, it’s fun!

• Smart, sturdy and dynamic buttons
• Specialist designed iPad activities
• Curriculum-based lesson plans
• Data-driven gameplay for the whole classroom
• Easy to set up
• Uses BlueTooth LE and is compatible with any iPad model that has iOS version 10 or newer.
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